I am Twyla Saulsberry and I am here to give you a new perspective about internet marketing through my blog Theatre World Internet Magazine which is an online marketing and SEO magazine. The internet is no doubt revolutionizing marketing with respect to business and it’s my goal to stay on top of this trend and keep you up to date and share ideas on how you can jump on this bandwagon and help your business maximize on the benefits the internet has to bring.

I am an expert in marketing who also happens to be very conversant with ICT trends and I have married these two skills to become a very well rounded marketing specialist with a specific focus on the current trends of internet marketing and SEO. Through this magazine I will share very relevant and business savvy content that will impact how you position you brand in the online space and most importantly how you can take advantage of the internet to strengthen your bottom line.

I look forward to engaging you and being a crucial link between your brand and your customers through this amazing internet marketing magazine.